Locate Historical Places with Georeader App for Android

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It is a very interesting smartphone application for Android platform. It is quite easy to use, and it connects some of the biggest databases and GPS coordinates of the user in the US. Georeader basically uses the GPS feature of the smartphone to gauge the existing locations, and the said locations are subsequently compared to an existing database to see if the user is within specified range. If they are within the range, they could view the markers, and if the user exists within specified range, the smartphone will read the text aloud. Georeader is essentially a hands free Android application that requires no sort of physical interaction on behalf of the user.


As you drive or move around different historical places, Georeader Android App verifies your location through GPS, and it searches the database for historical markers, which is then read out to you if you are physically present within a specified range of the said historical place. UFO sightings, historical bridges, monuments and towns could be the historical markers in the context of the Georeader application. Further, the application also lets users make their own talking points, which can be later shared with other users.

Locate Historical Places with Georeader App for Android

The latest version (1.4) of Georeader app for Android comes with bug fixes, and some other changes desired in the earlier versions. If you already use Georeader app’s earlier version, it is advisable to upgrade to the latest from the Android market place. 1.4 works fine with all existing Android versions.

The app features different types of markers. Hence you, the user, might come across markers with varying levels of information. Users can expand the usability of a marker, and then create additional points to aid them in their travel escapades. On the downside, the Georeader app consumes lots of power. Android already has the bad reputation of a power hungry operating system, especially if you let lots of Android applications run in the background continuously. Hence, if you intend to use the Android Georeader app during your weekend getaways, ensure that your phone battery is fully charged to start with.

Final Thoughts

Georeader is an excellent mobile app to have in your Android gadget, especially if you are a travel buff, and likes to learn about the places/monuments you visit, its history etc in detail. Georeader app works fine across the different versions of Android OS, even though it performs better in smart phones with good processing power.

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