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You fancy yourself a smart person and because of that thought you are definitely interested in doing everything that you can to prove to the world that you definitely have the mental skills to brag about. If you want to get this done effectively, you need to prove how good you are with things like brain teasers and logic puzzles. That is where Dunce’d app for iPhone comes in.

Test yourself with all kinds of different activities

Not only does iPhone Dunce’d app give you the chance to compete with your friends and family in order to see who really has all of the bragging rights, it actually gives you the chance to go right ahead and do it across many different obstacles.

Dunce'd iPhone game app

You can play different logic games that allow you to prove that you understand the basic syntax of the English language. You can go through different brain teasers that will force you to reach into the very heart of your being in order to pull out the answer. You can look through problems in math that will force your computational skills to the forefront of your existence and of course you will get the chance to go right ahead and create different word puzzles that have a completely different dynamic to them in terms of their overall excellence.

Continual support for the game possible

Right now, Dunce’d app for iPhone has up to 40 different questions available. The questions are longer and take longer to solve than your average trivia question so for a free game this one is actually quite long to max out.

That being said, the developers of Dunce’d iPhone application are more than interested in making sure that they continue to add new puzzles for their people to solve. They claim that as interest in the app grows, they will continue to add more content to it. We will have to wait and see if that actually happens, but even the stuff they already have in the app is quite impressive to behold.

Final Score

Dunce’d app for iPhone will give you the chance to really appreciate just how difficult some of the mind games can be. When you take that point into consideration, what you are automatically left with is the sense that Dunce’d iPhone app is really good. Our final score for this game is 9 out of 10.

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