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BuzzOff is a very hand call-block application made for Blackberry phones. BuzzOff App for Blackberry simply does not block the incoming calls that you wish to block. Instead, it uses a pick up and hang-up type of operation, thereby preventing the caller from leaving even a voice mail. This is a paid mobile application for Blackberry ($4.95) that requires the user to pay and buy the license once the free trial period expires.

The Application

Blackberry BuzzOff app sends a busy tone when a call comes from an unwanted number. You can set the numbers you wish to block from the message log or address book or from a previously received call record. BuzzOff mobile application also lets the user mark and block numbers from a certain series such as 1800, 1877 etc. Such cases mostly arise in case of automated marketing or promotional calls. It is even possible with the application to match the last three or 10 digits to ensure that you receive no calls from a certain location.

BuzzOff Call Blocker App for Blackberry

The file size of BuzzOff Blackberry app is about 746KB. The installation process is pretty straight forward and simple. It must be over in flash. Once installed, you can quickly set the numbers you wish to block from the message log and address book. From the preference menu, the first option lets you block the unknown numbers from which you’ve been receiving marketing calls based on the number sequence/pattern of the said phone numbers.

The last option of the menu is a checkbox, that lets you enable/disable the vibrate feature for blocked incoming calls. That is, the user will be notified by a vibration alert when an incoming call is blocked by the app. The BuzzOff app is compatible with Blackerry OS 4.2 or higher. The list of Blackberry smart phones that are compatible with the application is given in the developer website.

Final Thoughts

BuzzOff is a handy mobile application to have in your Blackberry phones, especially if your daily meetings are frequently interrupted by unwanted calls coming in from mostly unknown numbers. For the price, the app offers top performance all the time. The menu is easy to navigate, while configuring the app is a cake walk. If you wish to try it out first, go to the website and install the trial version of BuzzOff Blackberry app for free.


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