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Schedulicity app for iPhone, in its original form, is a web-based online scheduling service that lets individuals or small businesses manage their appointments/schedules online. Now this utility has been extended to iPhone smartphones, in the form of Schedulicity app, the features of which you are going to see in the next paragraphs.

The Application

Download, installation, and set up of iPhone Schedulicity app is pretty standard. First, you need to outline the different services you offer, and then the ‘providers’ who offer the service. ‘Providers’ here can be a doctor, tutor, beautician, therapist, counselor or a law officer. Further, the services can be assigned a certain time period/ rate, not to mention the few specialized options available in the program.

iPhone Schedulicity app

Schedulicity app for iPhone lets you coordinate up to 20 services inside a company. Each can have independent working hours, time and hourly rates. The mobile application also lets you coordinate with all the users through a calendar. In the calendar, users can manually enter appointments or accept them through the customer website.

On the downside, the calendar does not have a ‘view it all’ option, wherein one could view the calendars of all the employees superimposed on one main calendar. Further, there is no import or export functionality. Something of this sort with Google calendar would have been just perfect. But, then these drawbacks still exists with the web-based version of Schedulicity as well.

Final Thoughts

Schedulicity is an excellent iPhone mobile application, especially if you are someone from the abovementioned category of professions, wherein appointment scheduling is an integral part of your work life. It eases a burden on the businesses/professional, and also on the clients since they could schedule their appointments themselves, even though they might have to make an account themselves to set an appointment. And finally, at about $1 a day, the Schedulicity app is one of the most affordable scheduling solutions to small businesses available in the market today. To catch more on the Schedulicity application, its features, and client speak, visit their home site.

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