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geoDefense Swarm is the long awaited sequel to geoDefense which is an oldie but still a best apps because even after a few years of it being out, we still have it on the iPhone and we’re still playing it until this one was released.  geoDefense Swarm always takes me back to the days of Tempest and Zaxxon, retro games hold a bit of nostalgia for us here at Best Apps.  geoDefense Swarm, like geoDefense is the most difficult defense games to this day and mixes a splash of Geometry Wars and strategy, but with faster paced action and cleaner graphics.  Completing all the levels is the real challenge.  Some have given up trying to master each level, but even if you do, there’s still continued playability.

geodefense swarm best app

With a recent update, the game received a bump to HD graphics and it looks really sweet on the iPhone and Touch, it is playable on the iPad but it doesn’t look like the latest update optimized the app for iPad resolution.


With 30 levels of play and more modes, geoDefense has a lot of improvements over the original geoDefense, but the heart of the game is still the same.  Try the endless mode if you want to hone your skills.



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8/10  GeoDefnse Swarm is reminiscent of classic standup arcade games.  Challenging, exciting, but it could have used an update on the sounds.  The sounds are pretty much the exact same from the first release of geoDefense.  Swarm adds a lot more action and fun and makes you think in a couple of places.  Just remember to upgrade your turrets, if you don’t then you won’t get much further than level 2.



If you aren’t quick at thinking, then this game will be difficult at first.  It might however, train you to think faster as you progress.  As you battle through each level, you will be challenged.  geoDefense Swarm is the best tower defense game on the iTunes App store and you should check it out today.  It is incredibly addictive so it’s not a game you can play when you only have a few minutes.  You will want to sit down and spend some time with it.  The game isn’t just about blasting.  The way to beat the levels is by thinking them out, remembering patterns and solid placement of your turrets.  Once you get beaten a few times on a level, you’ll quickly remember what got you last time so that you can adapt for your next attempt.



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