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If you need a daily fix of blowing stuff up, then channel that energy into this best apps pick, Armored Strike Online.  You get in a tank lock on to the enemy and start blasting away as you go up against the top tank battalions and commanders.  Play against other players or against smart AI as you traverse 9 types of terrain.  Armored Strike Online even takes into account wind conditions and their effect on the trajectory and speed of projectiles.

You’ll start by hopping into your tank (only one to start with) and battle against other players collecting experience to unlock vehicles later in the game.  You can pull up easy stats on the vehicles by touching their icon.  Once you are able to select other tanks, you will notice that each one has different pluses and minuses.  You can use those to your advantage depending on your particular style of play.

You also get to pick the weapons to equip your tank with.  Balance out your weapon choices to defend against and attack different types of tanks and playing styles.  The controls are easy and even allows for fine tuning of your shots.

armored strike online best apps



Fast and fun game play against other players or AI

Intuitive controls

Weapon Selection

Vehicle Selection

Free Updates

Chat Rooms



This is a fun app to have on your Android Device.  Armored Strike Online offers a good amount of game longevity because of the multiplayer feature, achievements and unlocks.  We rate this app 7/10.


If you like tanks, blowing stuff up with multiple types of weapons, fighting against other players or against smart AI, then this game has it all.  The graphics are good looking, the game play is fast and can be highly addictive.  You can work your way up against a large following of the app and battle as you try to take the top rankings.  You can manipulate the game physics when you create your own game, making each battle different.  You can also modify the win conditions for faster games or longer battles.  This app had a lot of work and thought put into it which is why it is such a great game.

The graphics are fairly decent for a side scroll and the multiplayer is smooth enough on 3G and doesn’t get lagged out.  This isn’t just a tank game though, you can also wage war in a Battle Mech.  The Kodiak is the Heavy Mech Class and Valkyrie is the Light Mech Class.  Valkyries have increased speed but in exchange do less damage and have less armor.  If you are familiar with mech games, then you will like these vehicles a lot.

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