20 Minute Meals with Jaimie Oliver App for the iPhone

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20 Minute Meals with Jaimie Oliver for the iPhone.  If you have been looking for an app that gives you great cooking tips, recipes and basically works as your assistant in the kitchen, then 20 Minute Meals is a great app for you.  The app includes 60 new recipes from Jamie Oliver and each is sectionalized in easy to follow steps.  Each recipe includes helpful photos so that you know you are keeping in line with the recipe every step of the way.  There are also 20 or so videos of the chef providing you with tips and tricks for the kitchen which include a demonstration on how to sharpen your knives and dice an onion.

With sixty recipes, this app is much less expensive than a cookbook and a lot easier to use because the developers organized the information for someone that is in the kitchen.  20 minute meals will also save you a lot of money in the long run by making staying in and cooking less of a chore and more of a thrill.

One of the added features that comes in handy is the shopping list.  Instead of having to switch out to another shopping list app, the developers included an easy to use list that lets you add ingredients as you run out in the kitchen.  It also lets you share your shopping list, so if your spouse is at the store, you can update their list on the fly.

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Great features include 60 recipes.

Shopping List

Helpful Advice

Kitchen Essentials Guide

Encouraging and Well Organized Delivery

– Powerful browse or search recipes by ingredient or recipe type
– Shake for random recipe
– Toggle portion size by number of guests
– All recipes in both metric and US Imperial measures
– Once installed, no Internet connection required to view recipes



7/10, As cooking guides go, this is a great app.  It is well made, easy to follow and Chef Oliver is very helpful in his instructions.  The meals are simple to make and delicious.  Great app and it looks like they will add recipes as they update software which is nice.


If you like to cook or hate to cook, this app will help.  It comes with some really fun features and lets you browse or search through sixty recipes.  There’s also a neat little feature that lets you shake your iPhone and get a random recipe.  Takes a lot of the decision power out of what to make for the evening and can be a fun little game if you are grocery shopping for that night’s meal.  The latest update included 5 new recipes bringing the total to 60 delicious meals, each with gorgeous step-by-step photography including Pappardelle with mixed mushrooms and mozzarella, and Lamb chops with herby lentils and dressed greens.


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