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Finally, a great Texas Hold’em App made by professional developers with corporate sponsorship.  World Series of Poker Android App has authentic venues, high stake tournaments and a bracket system for moving through the tournaments.  You can go from amateur level to winning a WSOP bracelet if your poker skills can maintain against some of the best players the world has to offer.

WSOP for the Android is packed with some great features and is receiving great reviews from all over.  One of the better features is that you can save your best hands.  Have you ever had to tell a twenty minute story for a 2 minute round of poker just to explain the worst suck out wins you have seen or that royal flush you got that one time?  With the save hand feature you get proof, can cut down those twenty minute stories to “hey check out this!”

If you have dreamed of becoming a World Series of Poker Legend, then this app will keep your game sharp as you unlock higher stake tourneys and collect bracelets along the way.  The developers also included real cut scene videos.  These high quality video snippets show how your opponents react.  WSOP has really added an element that other poker games have been missing; you can actually read facial cues and play off other players tells.


best apps com wsop app android


High Quality Video

Facial Cues and Tells

Real Venues

Tournament Style Play

Hand Replay




8/10, this is one of the best poker apps available for the Android.  It is reasonably priced and far less than a real game of poker.  The game play is exciting, clean graphics and going from amateur to legend will hone your poker skills for that next cash game you have with your buddies.


If you love poker or want to learn how to play, then this is a great app to pick up.  WSOP is known all over the world for their exciting tournaments and now you can take part and never have to buy in with anything more than the ninety-nine cent cost of the app on the Android Market.  The video play for each opponent is a great new aspect to poker game apps.  One of the most important skills to learn in poker is how to read you opponent and other poker games simply have not figured out how to add that element to game play.  With the video clips of players, you can learn how to read an actual opponent and make plays based on it.  Right now the app has pulled back from multiplayer and made it more of a single player game.  It is also a very large download at about 250 meg, but with the high quality video, that is to be expected.

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