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Pages is an incredible iPad, iPad2 app that takes the work out of creative writing.  Well, some of the technical aspects anyway, the creativity is still up to you.  This app combines the best of word processing along with design tools and makes school reports, blogging and newsletters so easy to create from an iPad.  The onscreen keyboard is responsive and gives you a great amount of space to work in.  It also has an auto suggest words feature that can automatically correct your common misspelled words as well as insert punctuation where you might have missed it.  If you need any more writing space, you can always get away from the onscreen keyboard and worth with a Bluetooth keyboard instead.

Pages also has some great tools for layout design.  With a few taps you can resize images, make numbered or bulleted lists and formatting text is a breeze.  Resizing an image or text block is a simple drag and you can rotate and twist.  If you need your text to wrap, you can use the feature that auto wraps around the object intuitively.

Pages also comes with some preloaded design templates.  These are great to start with, but you can also create your own or find others for download.  The ones that come with the app are optimized for viewing clarity on the iPad.

One of the best features is that Pages works with multiple document types.  It can read and write PDF docs and Word docs.  That is fairly useful.  File sharing is also very easy.  You can move your files to a cloud network, save to disk, or email.  There are a lot of file sharing methods available.

Printing is also setup to be easy.  With one tap you can print out your documents to a wireless printer.  Pages also optimizes your documents for the best printing.

best apps pages ipad ipad2


Great word processor

Excellent image handling

Design features are outstanding

Easy to save to different formats

Plenty of storage for your docs with a cloud

Printing is one click and doesn’t require drivers



10/10, this is one of the best apps available for the iPad and iPad 2.  It is reasonably priced and far less than a Microsoft word processing program.  The added features and ease of use make this a must download and beats out any free word processors on the market.



If this is the first app you download for your iPad, you may be disappointed with other apps.  This is a high quality, well made app that has the perfect amount of features and is incredibly useful.  Some may even consider getting an iPad or iPad 2 just to load this app as it makes blogging and writing very easy.


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