SmartDating® Best iPhone Dating App 2011?

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SmartDating® there are so few great dating apps out there but such a high demand for them.  This app was designed by the developers of the top Facebook dating application, ‘Social Connect’ winner of best app 2011.  They have really put some thought into the layout and functionality of SmartDating®.

Men and women that are out there in the dating world need more help than you might think.  With all of the dating sites that are online, there are so many people scattered around the different sites that it is difficult to make any real connections.  SmartDating® changes that by integrating with Facebook and Social Connect which gives a lot more opportunities to meet people through some of the top social networks on the internet.


Proxidating from Your iPhone

Ok weird word, proxidating, but it basically means location oriented dating and SmartDating® has it.  This has been a long awaited feature and SmartDating® has done it right.  The nice thing is that you can turn it off and on whenever you want.  So if you are out on the town and looking to meet someone, turn on proxidating and let Smart Daters know that you are out there.

This is the kind of tech that will make some of the best romance movies in the future.  Can you imagine walking around and your iPhone telling you that your match is standing right next to you?  That’s the kind of stuff that was left up to fate in the past.  Isn’t technology awesome?

Features for SmartDating®


·       Automatically Store Search Preferences

·       Add Your Favorite Smart Daters to a Smart List or Hot List

·       Location Targeted Dating, Proxidating

·       Add Photos and Video with Ease

·       Anonymous Messaging

·       Rate Profiles

·       Safer Dating

·       Integrates with Facebook and Social Connect

Modern Dating

As an app, SmartDating® really delivers what it promises.  It has a lot of features that are geared at making dating fun and easy but more importantly; you will never miss a message or an opportunity to meet someone that could be a match.  It isn’t just the immense possibilities that open up with location based dating, it’s also the fact that SmartDating® gives you the ability to send gifts that are hand delivered in person from florists and edible arrangement companies.  You don’t even have to know the recipients name or address, it’s all kept anonymous.

SmartDating® Revolutionary?

SmartDating® does offer a lot of never before seen features and definitely not all in one app.  This could revolutionize the way that dating is done and people may start moving away from their home computers for dating and solely start using mobile phone dating apps like SmartDating®.  No one ever said dating would be easy, but SmartDating® makes it a lot easier for sure.  With a few touches, you can find eligible daters in your town, street or even standing right next to you.

SmartDating® also has some of the same fun features from Social Connect (best Facebook dating app 2011).  They have a coin based monetary system that allows you to buy and send virtual gifts.  They also have winks, which many online daters are probably already familiar with.  Overall, this is the best put together dating app on the market.


SmartDating® gets 10 out of 10 .  There are no glaring errors and so many positives that it really deserves a high ranking.  I can’t wait to see the next release they plan to release a lot of safety features and some other new features to make SmartDating® even better.

You’ll never miss out on a single opportunity to meet someone again, just because you weren’t in front of your computer.  SmartDating® is a much smarter way to date and for anyone that is looking to get into the fast paced dating world, then SmartDating® is the App for you.


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