Bible Memory: Remember Me iPhone App Review

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Bible Memory: Remember Me app for iPhone is an awesome tool to memorize Bible verses. The app allows you to choose Bible scriptures you want to memorize. Bible Memory: Remember Me app is priced $2.99 in iTunes.


With Bible Memory: Remember Me for iPhone you can choose from many different versions of the Bible and pick your own verses to memorize. In addition to keeping track of the ones you’ve chosen and learned in a “flashcard” collection, you can use the “practice” mode to help learn verses. The practice mode will display the first letter of each word of the verses and you can click through the verse displaying each word. It also has a “puzzle” feature in which many words are displayed in random order and you pick the next word in the verse. The app is tied in with the system; you can use it to have verses read aloud to you by the voice. Even the little things are done well. Input “Heb” in the reference form and the app immediately fills in the rest of “Hebrews” for you. If you get the app, take the time to read the directions, then play around with the long-press context menus to find the various puzzles and practice features for your verses.

Bible Memory Remember Me iPhone App Review

There’s actually more there than appears at first glance, which is perhaps the only negative of the app: its power isn’t obvious until you play around with it some. One final note, Bible Remember Me iPhone app divides passages into New, Due and Known categories, and uses those categories to help you retain passages you’ve already learned. Remember Me app comes with an array of features to help with your Scripture memorization. Use your text-to-speech option to have the Bible verses read to you. Use the flashcard feature to study. Set daily reminders, and take randomly generated Bible quizzes. Add and delete Bible memory verses from the queue easily. You can play several different games that make Bible memorization easy and fun! When you’ve mastered a Bible memory verse, the app brings it up for review every few days so you can retain what you’ve learned.


Bible Memory: Remember Me for iPhone is a highly effective Bible Verse and Scripture memorization app that will help you to commit your most valued words to heart. It is ideal for memorizing Bible memory passages, favorite poems, literary quotes, speeches, and vocabulary.

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