Colorburn – 1000 Filters Camera iPhone App Review

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Colorburn – 1000 Filters Camera app for iPhone, as the name suggests, features 1000 filters, perhaps the most amount filters in App Store. The bottom-line is that the app provides virtually endless possibilities as far as applying filters to your photos are concerned. The app is only nominally priced at $0.15 at iTunes.


The best aspect with Colorburn for iPhone is that you’ll get to lay your hands over all the 1000 filters once you purchase the app. There aren’t any more in-app purchases to bother you. But do you feel that browsing through the 1000 filters and coming back to the couple of them you’d liked for a particular photo a daunting task? Fortunately, the developers of Colorburn – 1000 Filters Camera app for iPhone also has thought about it. They’d introduced a ‘favorites’ section wherein you can add your favorite filters. So it will be easy to pick those when it comes to applying filters. Another notable feature includes the option to click time-lapse selfie and apply filters to it, and then edit it by adding a frame and cropping it. The app also supports multi-shoot wherein it can be merged to one picture with grid filters.

Colorburn 1000 Filters Camera iPhone App Review

The user interface is intuitive at best. You can simply flick through the different filters by finger swiping. But on the flip side, you got to load a filter in order to view it. Doing so might take up few seconds. There is also a definite lack of tools and features, when compared with the popular photo filter apps. Of course, none of this is fun if you can’t share your creations with your friends and family. The app let you share your photos via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr with few clicks. The app is found to be stable and responsive. Colorburn – 1000 Filters Camera requires iOS 7.0 or later.


Colorburn – 1000 Filters Camera for iPhone supplies the largest number of filters for an app in iTunes App Store. You can easily flick through the filters and choose the best ones, which you can then add to ‘favorites’. The UI is well designed and intuitive. We would have liked it to have more features and tools to work on the photos other than applying filters. SNS integration comes handy. The app is also stable. Check it out if you’re scouting for an image filter app with lots of filter options.

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