Bike Tracks iPhone App Review

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Bike Tracks for iPhone is designed for hard-core cyclists who prefer to go on long rides and require all their cycling statistics right on their fingertips. For a cyclist, they just got to press “Start” and begin recording their cycling adventures. You can download Bike Tracks app for $1.99 from iTunes.


Bike Tracks for iPhone provides easy to read statistics in different formats. It also got offline cycle and street maps facility and 3D Maps (which is available only in iPhones running iOS 9). The offline maps let you to check the route even if your area does not have cell phone coverage. This usually happens in the middle of a cycling journey, probably through a hillside or countryside where the mobile phone coverage might be sporadic at best. As a cyclist is going to use the app almost continuously during the trip, we would expect it to have a telling effect on your iPhone battery. But thankfully, the app’s battery efficient technology allows all day recording, without draining the battery much. No data or phone signal required for recording and this makes Bike Tracks app for iPhone ideal for those long cycle rides and where data roaming charges apply. Of course, what is the point if you can’t publish the details of your cycle rides in the internet?

Bike Tracks for iPhone let you share your cycle rides on social media or export directly to Google Earth right from your iPhone. The UI of Bike Tracks app for iPhone is gorgeously designed. The satellite view gives you a birds-eye perspective of the terrain you’re cycling on. The map view gives you direction and instructions whenever required. Cycling statistics is also presented in an easy to read format. Performance wise, the app is found to be slick and responsive as well. Bike Tracks requires iOS 7.1 or later.


Bike Tracks for iPhone could act as your cycling guide and instructor. It gives a detailed perspective of the cycling track ahead, as well as cycling statistics including speed and elevation. The offline maps ensure that you don’t lose track even when you’re in an area with little or no mobile coverage. Thankfully, the app does not drain your iPhone battery much even if it is running in the background. The UI design is largely user friendly. It is also stable. Check it out if you often undertake cycling trips with friends or alone.

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