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Habits are the very things that build our character. Now, all of us want to form good habits that would have positive impact on our health and lifestyle. Sometimes, we might start a good thing but before it becomes a habit we quit. In such moments, all we need is a ‘push’. That ‘push’ is something that is provided by Streaks app for iPhone. Just install this app on your iPhone and you would find it pretty easy to stick to your health goals and form healthy habits. So, let’s find out more about the app and how it helps you to form good habits.

Helps You Form Good Habits

Streak for iPhone is a really effective application. Perhaps the thing that makes the app so effective is that it is incredibly simple to use. It is basically a to-do list app that lets you to track about six tasks simultaneously. Your goal would be to do the same thing for consecutive days. The app works in sync with Apple Health and that makes it easy to track your fitness goals. You can customize the app to suit your taste. You can also customize the notifications to keep track in a better way. The app costs around $4.99 to download from iTunes. So, you get some real value for money from the app.

What You Will Like About the App

It is real easy to set the tasks.
You can customize the notifications and that helps in more efficient tracking.
The app works with Apple Health app.
You can check your individual statistics with a few taps.


Streaks app for iPhone is for people who are always looking for some motivation to form good habits. So, get Streaks app and you can make your life better, one habit at a time.

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