BirdGenie iPhone App Review

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BirdGenie is an iOS app that allows anybody to reliably identify birds in their home, local park, or on a nature walk with only a few taps. Simply record the bird singing with your phone or tablet, and BirdGenie will help you identify the species. The app’s advanced sound recognition capabilities and expert matching mechanism enable birders to attain levels of accuracy previously unheard of in the area of birding. It’s ideal for anybody interested in learning more about the birds in their area. BirdGenie provides up to 200 vocalisation types for 100 species, covering virtually every bird that may be seen in a home, local park, or on a trek in North America at any time of year.

Easily identify different birds by their songs

Simply point to a bird and tap the screen when it begins to sing. The app’s automated pre-record feature guarantees that you don’t miss the start of the song, and BirdGenies’ proprietary, extremely accurate expert algorithm matches the audio to the species nearest to it. Even in busy areas, whether there is chatter or traffic, the app’s advanced noise-reduction technology allows you to determine which bird you are listening to. BirdGenie not only allows you to pick a bird species, but it also gives sample songs and spectrograms that you may compare to your own recording to ensure a strong match. The programme also provides images of all plumages, environment and behaviour information, and connections to more reading. It also includes 3-D representations of some of the species so you can compare different bird viewpoints.

BirdGenie iPhone App Review

Perfect app for bird lovers

You may use the app to learn about local species, their other songs, their habits and nutrition, and much more by browsing the built-in library. You may share your recordings, images, and matches with friends and other users, and if you want to assist researchers learn more about bird song variants, you can anonymously upload recordings to a scientific database. There is no need for an internet connection for anything other than sharing, making the application available from everywhere. BirdGenie takes bird identification to a whole new level, making it perfect for anybody who wishes to know what birds are singing near them. In the app, users may make identifications in less-than-ideal conditions thanks to an easy-to-use guided user interface and an effective noise-reduction mechanism. The app is priced $3.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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