Stack the States 2 Game for iPhone Review

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Stack the States 2 for iPhone is a iOS geography app featuring a fun tower-building feature and a quiz game structure. Kids get an animated representation of the state to place onto a stack when they successfully answer factual questions about the 50 states. This app not only teaches kids about state capitals, cities, shapes, landmarks, flags, and more, but it also teaches them about state capitals, cities, shapes, landmarks, and flags. Basically, it’s a game where kids win a new state for each stage they finish successfully. To win each level, kids will drag and drop animated states onto the screen, stacking them to reach a checkered line. Your child’s customised map of the United States will display all of the earned states.

Learn about different states

As they progress through the stages, kids will be able to unlock the free bonus games, which include Map It, Connect 2, and Capital Tap. Because to its pleasant stacking-the-states action, Stack the States 2 makes learning about the 50 states exciting. As youngsters rotate and drop states on top of one other, the animated states show humorous emotions. When they’re stacked, they’re also proportionate to their true size. Kids must utilise reasoning while applying gravity and physics concepts to be effective at stacking. When a user completes a level successfully, they are assigned a random state on the map. A second game, Map It, is unlocked once a user has accumulated 10 states.

Stack the States 2 Game for iPhone Review

Ideal for kids

There are ten distinct 3D scenarios depicting diverse locales in the United States, as well as 3D models of over 90 landmarks in the United States. Of course, the app includes all of the original version’s features, such as 50 flash cards (one for each state), hundreds of unique questions, and up to six player accounts – ideal for large families. Up to six separate profiles may be created in Stack the States, and a guest player option is available. With their huge googly eyes and funny faces, the state pictures are adorable. This geography software appeals to children who like constructing with blocks by allowing them to create huge stacks of stacked states. The game is addictive and entertaining for both kids and adults.

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