Verituner Professional Piano Tuning iPhone App Review

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Professional piano technicians can use the sophisticated piano tuning app Verituner. The industry-leading Verituner product range is now available on the finest platform in its 12-year exist which can be downloaded from the iOS App store. Piano experts claim that Verituner technology has offered them better-sounding tunings with the fewest steps than they had ever imagined was possible. Your tune is calculated using the revolutionary multi-partial technique to precisely match each piano’s individual scaling. Automatic hands-off tuning maintains speedy tuning and does away with tiresome pre-tuning measurement tasks. With the only tuning technology that tunes all the partials on all the notes, Aural Quality Tunings produces tunings that are well-balanced. With overpull goals that are separately determined from the initial pitch of each note, swift and accurate pitch raises get close quickly.

Have a Professional Piano Tuning Experience

Historical Characteristics access more than 90 of the most well-known historical temperaments, or enter your own unique temperaments with ease. Adjustable With the built-in Styles, you may stretch precisely regulate octave widths, or you can design your own Custom Style to perfectly match your aural tuning preferences. Tune the Alternate Standard Pitch instrument to a variety of pitches between A=392 and A=466. Automatic hands-free tuning with AutoNote allows you to automatically jump to any note and octave. Saved Tunings allow you to quickly and consistently tune regularly tuned pianos by allowing you to recall previous tunings. While you tune, Verituner measures each note’s inharmonicity, building up a comprehensive picture of the piano’s scale.

Verituner Professional Piano Tuning iPhone App

Comes with great features

To provide a well-balanced tuning specifically tailored to the piano, it then generates tuning targets for all 88 partial notes. The optimal compromise for each tuning interval can be obtained by tuning all the partials, which also significantly reduces the requirement for aural modifications. While you tune, everything is carried out entirely automatically without the need for further steps. Tuning a piano required highly developed abilities and knowledge. The moving tuning screens present a challenge to beginners, as do the extremely precise pin motions that professionals spend years perfecting. If you are a novice, get in touch with the developers to find out what to anticipate before buying this programme. The app is priced $599.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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