BisMag Calculator 3D Android App Review

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BisMag Calculator 3D app for Android is a capable calculator app that could be a worthy replacement for your physical scientific calculator. Its capabilities are impressive to say the least. The app features five calculators intended for solving problems from different math sub domains. It is a bit complex, but versatile to use as well. You can get BisMag Calculator 3D app for $1.86 from Google Play Store.


It is been a while since I used a scientific calculator. BisMag Calculator app for Android is feature packed, and seems to be designed to solve almost all complex mathematical calculations that a common engineering student or researcher might come across. BisMag Calculator for Android consists of five different calculators for your computing needs: matrix, equation solver, graphic, currency conversion, and unit conversion. Each calculator got its own set of parameters and features that you can customize to suit your requirements. It also has a periodic table of elements, in case you are a Chemistry student. When you first see BisMag Calculator for Android, you might get intimidated by its feature set. But you can easily get around the calculators after few minutes of exploring. Clearly, it is not intended for simple math calculations even though it is capable for it as well.

BisMag Calculator 3D Android App

BisMag Calculator for Android has more features than we could possibly list here. But one major advantage it has over similar calculator apps is that you can view charts, graphs and equations in 3D. Those who prefer a dynamic visual of equations will find this feature quite handy. As mentioned, these are features meant for experts in the subject, and not for a novice. For quick calculations, users can use the widget that you can place on your home screen.


BisMag Calculator app for Android is much less expensive to own than a physical scientific calculator, for virtually the same set of features. In fact, BisMag Calculator has added features like the ability to view graphs and equations in 3D. While the app has an intimidating list of features, it is reasonably easy to get around its features. The periodic table comes handy for Chemistry students. The home screen widget provides a quick means to calculate on the fly, without activating the app from the tray. Overall, a fully loaded scientific calculator app that would come handy for engineers and researchers.

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