Blacklist Plus Pro App for Android Review

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Are you often pestered by unwanted calls and text messages? Well, Android itself has a feature to send calls from select contacts straight to the voicemail. But the same might not work for unknown numbers or restricted numbers. However, there is an easy and efficient way to do that: through Blacklist Plus Pro app for Android. It is a free call/message blocker app for Android. You can get Blacklist Plus Pro for $0.99.

Blacklist Plus Pro Features

The most efficient of call blocker apps uses white list, and Blacklist Plus Pro Android app also follows the same methodology to block calls/text. Those contacts that you want to pass through the filter are added to the white list. All other callers are blocked. You can also set the blocking filter to work on specific schedules so that it blocks calls only during certain times. Further, the app can hang up calls automatically or silence calls so that they go to voicemail. When you fire up Blacklist Plus Pro, you’ll notice that the UI is simple. There are three tabs: blacklist, log and settings, which are self explanatory.

Blacklist Plus Pro App for Android

There are several blocking modes in Android Blacklist Plus Pro app: Blacklist blocks any number added to the said list.

  • All except white list – blocks every call other than the ones added to white list.
  • All expect contacts – blocks all incoming calls/text unless it is already added in your contacts.
  • All numbers – block all numbers.
  • Disable – turns off call blocking.

Further, you can choose ‘active blocking’ via a button at the bottom of the blacklist tab. It is linked to a bottom menu that pops up with an option to designate a schedule. If you set up a schedule, the active blocking mode will work only during that specific time. Regarding adding numbers to white list or black list, you can add it from the call log, message log, contacts, or you can choose to enter manually. Also, you can set the app to block numbers with a specific area code. Further, you can set a password to block down your black list. The app does not have any annoying banner ads either. Blacklist Plus Pro application is compatible with Android OS 2.1 and up.


Blacklist Plus Pro app for Android is a handy call/message blocker app. It is highly customizable means you can configure it to meet your individual needs. The UI is easy to use for most parts. Those who don’t wish to pay upfront may opt for its free version. Verdict: A call/text message blocker app worth trying out.

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