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iTunes has lots of note taking apps that’ll help you to quickly jolt down a thought or an idea when you’re on the move. But there will be times when even such an activity seems cumbersome. You can’t say when a brilliant idea strikes in your mind, and it might not be always possible to put everything into words in a short span of time. An app like DictaNote app for iPhone makes things a lot easier for the user in such circumstances. The app basically let you save and share your voice notes, ideas, inspirations and thoughts. You can get DictaNote iPhone app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

DictaNote App Features

If you are one of those bloggers, writers, composers, poets, speakers, doctors, trainers, or students of any type, who has ever got a killer idea, but failed to jolt it down because you were not in a position to do so, this app is for you. DictaNote app for iPhone has an intuitive interface that makes recording, saving and sharing voice notes and ideas easier. It is quite tedious to type long notes sometimes, and DictaNote gives you a superior alternative. The app got tons of features, such as one touch recording to record and save your notes, thoughts and ideas with a single tap, the ability to play or dictate it back, add photos to your notes (you can pick photos from the gallery or click them using phone camera), the ability to append notes anytime, and you can mail your notes to anyone instantly along with the images added.

DictaNote App for iPhone

Further, DictaNote iPhone app supports auto geo-location that automatically saves your notes with the location where you started it. You can easily convert your audio notes into MP4 video files and share it via email, Facebook, or Youtube in a single click. The app is iCloud integrated. You can also save to Dropbox. DictaNote is compatible with iOS versions 5.0 or later.


DictaNote app for iPhone is a note recording app worth checking out if you’re looking beyond iPhone’s default voice memo app. DictaNote is easy to use, has a wonderful interface, and is quite feature-rich to say the least. The ability to add photos to voice notes and auto geo-location tagging are some notable features so is the ability to append notes anytime. iCloud and Dropbox integration comes handy. Verdict: Try it out!

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