BluePrintz iPhone App Review

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Using the huge collection of colour, brick, stone, and vinyl samples, the BluePrintz app for iPhone allows you to try out fresh paint and even new siding materials on your home. With BluePrintz, you can quickly envision hundreds of paints or realistic siding possibilities for any exterior photo or home sketch. Sending your artwork to relatives and friends is simple with BluePrintz. BluePrintz assists you in visualising your dream home so that you may confidently construct it. The external design of your home might be one of the most expensive decisions you make during a new construction or restoration. Making decisions that affect your home’s curb appeal may be difficult, and you want to do it right.

Customize the design of your home

BluePrintz app eliminates any guessing by allowing you to envision the final design of your home’s exterior. Before you commit to a final design, you can easily add or change out colours and seek input from family and friends. Take a photograph (or a black-and-white sketch) of the home you wish to redecorate. Then, using the easy “Shapes” overlay tool, fill in the areas of your house exterior that you wish to modify. With a touch of your finger, experiment with different paint colours and siding materials for your home design. BluePrintz comes with hundreds of colour samples and realistic material textures to select from. BluePrintz saves your work on a regular basis, ensuring that it is always available.

BluePrintz iPhone App Review

Best home drawing app

You may easily share or save your unique design image to your photo collection. Share your plans with your house builder when you’re ready to get started on your ideal home. To undo your past activities, click the ‘Undo’ link button in the top left corner. BluePrintz has a useful layers function that allows you to rearrange the arrangement of your shapes. To see your layers, go to the layers tab in the upper right corner. Then simply rearrange them as desired. To relocate an existing form on your photo, press and hold the shape’s centre, then drag it to the desired spot. Hold and drag a corner of your form to adjust its contour, then release. You may also enlarge or reduce a form by dragging its corners. BluePrintz app is priced $1.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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