Bluetooth and WiFi Mania iPhone App Review

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Bluetooth & WiFi Mania for iPhone helps you utilize your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to the maximum. The app has features that let you share photos, videos, contact and documents to other devices. File sharing has never been so easy and the app does it like a pro. You will be amazed at the speed with which it shares files. There is absolutely no lag and the files will reach the intended device intact. The app works well in all iOS platforms. All sharing features available inside one app and you don’t have to install different applications to share each type of file.

File Sharing Made Easy

Bluetooth & Wifi Mania is a simple and easy to use app that has several sharing features to make sharing easy. The photo share feature will let you share photos from your photo library to other devices. All photos shared with you will be stored directly in the photo library. It is the same with videos as well. You can share videos of any size. It is more effective that sending it through any other medium. You can share contacts from your contact list and receive contacts that can be saved into the contact list. You can also transfer any document type that include Word, pdf, Excel and others. These files are stored in App Document Directory.

Bluetooth and WiFi Mania iPhone App Review


Bluetooth & Wifi Mania is an easier way to transfer all photos from iPhone to iPad. The app has a minimal payment for download and use. You can transfer videos between devices easily without any glitches. It mostly works pretty well. You must install this app in all devices you intend to transfer. The app should be opened and connected for the transfer to happen. The Bluetooth should be on or the device must be in same Wi-Fi network to transfer files. The app costs $2.99 to download and use. The app requires iOS 7.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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