Astra for Alexa Voice Services iPhone App Review

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Astra for iPhone uses Alexa Voice Services to interact with you as humanly as possible. It is a smart personal assistant who listens and speak to you. It is an interesting way to interact with your smart devices when you are away from home. You just need to use the speaker and headphones of your smartphone. You can customize the settings based on your preferences so Astra is more aware of you. You can set up your location, sports and movie preferences, news feeds, work and home locations, smart devices and more. There are more advanced skills that can be enabled through Alexa app for more personalized experience.

Smart Personal Assistant

Astra for Alexa Voice Services for iPhone is a simple and intuitive app that makes it easy to interact with your smart devices when you are out of vocal range. The app allows you to reorder stuffs from Amazon. The app can brief you all the news in a flash. You can find if there is traffic block on your way back home or to office. The to do list will help you remind of all the tasks including adding items to shop. You can set timer in the app for 10 minutes. The app will give you sports updates and scores live. If your in the mood to watch movies, you will get movie listings along with the times. You will get weather forecast and also use skills of Alexa. You can test your own skills.

Astra for Alexa Voice Services iPhone App


Astra is great when you want to control your Echo Dot devices at home when you are away. You just have to hold the microphone to speak as the app listens, think and then replies. A responsive app that does not require a wake up call like you do for Alexa. The app needs an amazon account. It does not support reading audiobooks or music playback. Astra costs $2.99 to download from iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 9.0 and above. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod.

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