Blur App for Android Review

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Blurred images also have an element of beauty. You’ll realize it once you use Blur app for Android. The basic idea of the app is to blur picture to the extreme and flatten out it into a nice colorful background for your Android phone. You can get Blur Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.

Blur App Features

Blur app for Android is pretty easy to use. Click a new photo or pick one from gallery and turn it into awesome colorful wallpaper. The whole routine just involves choosing a photo, cropping it to suit your requirements, and adjusting a slider to vary the level of blur-ness. You can also adjust its color by swiping up on the image chosen. You can individually control the intensity of the red, green and blue color in the wallpaper image. In the free version of the app, colors can only be changed randomly. At program level, Blur registers itself as intent. So you can share your pictures right into Blur and the entire process is live and real-time view.

Blur App for Android

Other features of note of Blur app for Android include the ability to re-crop (long press on the image), swipe down to back to blur, set wallpaper with a single button press, load images directly from gallery. (go to gallery -> choose share -> select Blur), save wallpapers directly to photo library etc. As in most paid apps, Blur for Android is also free of ads. Its free version has those annoying banner ads. It is also possible to share your blurred creations with your friends via Facebook. But you got to have the Facebook app installed in your phone to do that. Blur is compatible with Android OS 2.2 and up.

Final Thoughts

Blur app for Android provides an interesting concept – creating wallpapers by blurring images. And those blurred images look reasonably beautiful. Creating a blur is simple and easy. You only got to move the slider until it is sufficiently blurred. You can also adjust the colors or crop/re-crop the images as required. Ability to share your creations via Facebook comes handy. The app is also available in an ad-supported free version. Verdict: Check this one out if you’re looking for new ways to add variety to your wallpapers.

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