BeatEvolve App for iPhone Review

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If creating music is your favorite past time, you’ll certainly find BeatEvolve app for iPhone more than handy. Backed by lots of instruments, other features and a user friendly interface, it let you create your favorite tunes virtually from scratch. You can get BeatEvolve app for $1.99 from iTunes App Store.

BeatEvolve App Features

The best part of BeatEvolve iPhone app is that anyone could create music with it. With 32 instruments to choose from, the intuitive interface lets you combine 3 layers of harmonies to create awesome riffs. You can pick your instruments, lay out where your beats go, change tempo, or do virtually anything that goes with creating music digitally. It is pretty simple and straightforward and for those who know the art, it won’t take long to produce the sounds they intend to create.

BeatEvolve App for iPhone

A notable feature of BeatEvolve app for iPhone is that it let your music evolve. Select from one of six preset evolution rules or create your own from scratch then sit back and watch as the music changes all by itself. It is also possible to create your own evolution rules. Of course, you can flip, rotate and shift the patterns you make. Typical of music synthesis app, you are free to adjust the temp to suit your style. Once done, the music can be saved in your phone to use later or show it off to your friends. The UI is easy to use for most parts.

Of course, you can’t create music to the levels possible using something like the GarageBand. But it certainly provides something quite interesting and fun to vet your music thirst. BeatEvolve app is compatible with iOS versions 4.3 or higher. It is optimized for iPhone 5.


BeatEvolve app for iPhone is a music creation application that let you create music within minutes if not hours. It supports the usual instruments, sports a friendly interface, and has all the typical music mixing tools to generate mesmerizing tunes you like. The preset evolution rules are a revelation to say the least. You can also create your own rules. However, a SNS sharing option is surprisingly lacking. Verdict: BeatEvolve is not as feature rich as the Garage Band. But nevertheless it works for most users who love creating music on the go.

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