Floating Draw Professional App for Android Review

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An annotation or on screen drawing app comes handy if you want to highlight or mark important areas on your screen. You can do it without the aid of an image editing tool. Floating Draw Professional app for Android is an on-screen drawing app that let you draw over any screen. And it let you do so without having to invoke any particular drawing interface or canvas. You can get Floating Draw Professional app for $1.99.

Floating Draw Professional App Features

There are times when you’re prompted to mark or highlight some part of the screen, or scribble down a phone number, and you have no straightforward way to do it. At present, you got to take a screenshot of your home screen before attempting to edit it using an image editor. Apart from Samsung, which has the S-pen, no other Android devices have a similar feature. Floating Draw Professional app for Android could come handy in such instances. Floating Draw Professional app let you draw anything on the screen, app folders, menu items etc. It even let you scribble on the interface of active apps. Once done, you save your work by taking a screenshot of it.

Floating Draw Professional App for Android

Floating Draw Professional Android app is easy to use. Once you have it, fire it up from the apps list to open its floating toolbar. The app is primarily meant to draw onscreen, and hence lacks other drawing and sketching tools typical of image editors. But you can create doodles, memos and quick notes with ease. You can use the pencil tool to draw wherever you want. It does not matter if you’re browsing something or watching a video at that time. It is also possible to change the pencil size/color. Further, you can change the transparency, vary line size, change colors and it also comes with a fill tool. Of course, the app has an undo/redo button so that you can always go back to a previous screen if something went wrong.

Floating Draw Professional works seamlessly. There aren’t any glitches or annoying lags. However, it can’t automatically save your creations. You got to do it manually. It is also a bit of a downside that you can’t hide the toolbar while keeping your screen on drawing mode.


Floating Draw Professional app for Android is useful to scribble something on screen, no matter which screen you’re in at that moment. Surprisingly, it does not come with a built-in screenshot tool. Nevertheless, the app is certainly worth checking out.

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