Farm Fest App for Android Review

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Farm Fest app for Android is a fun management game wherein you’re in charge of your own farm. You got to build up your farm by raising animals, process the produce and earn money by selling the processed goods in a nearby city. Of course there’ll be challenges that you have to overcome. The game is reminiscent of Farm Frenzy, but has better graphics. You can get Farm Fest Android app for $1.99 from Google Play Store.

Farm Fest Game Features

Farm Fest game app for Android combines the best elements of puzzle and management games, and challenges the player to do everything on a modern farm. You’ll be presented with objectives to meet in each level and you got to achieve the three-star rating. On initial launch, the objectives are overlaid with text detailing what each objective is and what you got to do to achieve it. Keep in mind, you got to meet your objectives in specific time. It will translate eventually into how many stars you might get at the end of a level. Here is the basic theme of the game: At first, you need to feed the animals. Then you need to gather their produce, assuming a roving boar hasn’t caught them. Of course, you can hire a dog to scare off the boar. Then you need to process it, turning it into products you can then send to market.

Farm Fest App for Android

The challenge is spread across 80 levels. Each level has a specific goal. It could be producing enough eggs or building – which you must complete. The faster you do it, the more money you win to spend on upgrades. The graphics of Farm Fest for Android is delightful to say the least. Charming music adds to the feel. You can download and enjoy Farm Fest if your phone runs on Android 2.3 or higher.


Farm Fest app for Android is an entertaining management game suitable for people of all ages. The concept of the game is pretty straightforward and it won’t take long to get a hang of how Farm Fest works. The difficult levels could be termed as medium at best. The graphics is excellent so are the background music. Verdict: If you’ve ever dreamt of retreating to a farm, to watch the chickens pecking at the grass, Farm Fest is the game for you! And for the price tag of $1.99, it is not too expensive either. Check it out.

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