Colourform (HD Widgets Theme) App for Android Review

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Colourform HD Widgets theme, a separate download from the HD Widgets app, brings to the users a variety of new backs, colors, fronts, and everything in-between for your fully customizable widget family. It focuses on a simpler, more minimal, flat UI design while allowing more flexibility and customization than ever before. You can get Colourform HD Widgets theme for $0.99.

Colourform HD Widgets Theme App Features

The Colourform HD Widgets App for Android theme pack features 58 widgets for your phone. It appears as if they were tailor-made for JellyBean OS. Guess you won’t miss the flat style, Roboto font, and the minimal design that current Android design language exemplifies. Everything is pretty clean with Colourform. If you’d used HD Widgets, you’ll realize the difference straightaway. Further, it got a much simpler theme than what most of us are used to.

Colourform App for Android

Using Colourform app for Android, you can color virtually anything from icons and text to separators and background to individual clock items. You can change/vary background opacity, tiles and textures. Further, you got more than 50 quick settings, including WIFI signal strength and network name, battery level and charge, weather stats, and device storage. These notification widgets can be turned on from settings panel. If to cite one example, the battery widgets display how long it’ll be until you’ve got a full unit, time remaining if you’re going to be active or if you plan to keep your phone asleep, how much time it might take to charge, and all such useful stuff.To have Colourform HD Widgets theme running in your phone, you got to have HD Widgets 3.9 or later. Some compatibility issues in phones having Android 2.3 has been reported from some quarters even though the Google Play Store page says the app runs in devices with Android 2.3 or higher.


Colourform HD Widgets theme for Android features over 60 colorful new ICS / Jellybean-style widgets for your Android phones. It provides colorable icons, texts, separators and clock widgets, and easy way to do that. One aspect to note is that you got to have HD Widgets 3.9 installed in your phone before you could use Colourform. Verdict: Good one. Check it out.

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