Boom Land App for Android Review

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Love a game wherein you demolish your way to the top? If so, Boom Land app for Android is for you. It provides numerous rounds of destruction and tearing down across three different environments. The challenge is about knocking it all down in fewer moves. You can get Boom Land game for $0.99 from Google Play.


In Boom Land app for Android, you have various types of bombs to fiddle with and different types of buildings to wreck in whichever way you want. Figure out the best way to do it by solving the intricate built up puzzles. You’re free to try the same round over again to see if you can find the best method to destroy the building. The graphics of Boom Land for Android is pretty impressive to say the least. The realistic looking demolition coupled with effects makes it a great app for kids.

Boom Land Game App for Android

The best part of Boom Land game app is that everything is properly laid out. Even for a first time player, it is pretty easy to figure out how to play the game. You don’t really need a tutorial to tell you the game rules. The game play is challenging to a certain extent. Currently, Boom Land for Android comes with about 72 levels, across three environments. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive for most parts. There aren’t any lags or freezes disturbing your momentum. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.3 and up.

Final Thoughts

Boom Land app for Android is for those who love to blast things on screen. The game has over 72 levels of destruction, across three different environments. You got a variety of bombs to blast different buildings set in these environments. The game is all about getting this done in minimum number of moves. You got to think and find a way to do it efficiently. The graphics is top class. The app is also user friendly. It won’t take long for you to figure out the game rules while playing it for the first time. The app is also stable and responsive for most parts. Check it out if you’re a big fan of destruction type of games.

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