Retro Cube App for Android Review

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It is interesting to see that lots of games of late are built on the style of classic arcade games of yesteryears. Retro Cube game app for Android is one such game with a classic retro feel. It is a challenging game, but not impossible to master. You can get Retro Cube Android app for $1.08 from Google Play Store.


In Retro Cube app for Android, you got to use the left/right arrows found at the bottom right of the screen to move your cube. The up arrow enables you to make the cube jump. The ultimate goal for you is to guide the cube through thirty different levels, each with its own set of obstacles blocking your way. How you manage to evade the obstacles and maneuver your cube through it forms the crux of the game play. The death counter at the top of the screen is a reminder to how challenging Retro Cube game can be. However, there are no limits to how many times you can try to clear a particular level.

Retro Cube game App for Android

The game is challenging. No doubt about it. But it is not impossible enough to make you quit. It seems to have a healthy balance between difficulty and playability so that players are least likely to get frustrated. Personally, we would have liked to see an option to pick the levels individually based on user preference. Including scores might also have been helpful, especially to those players who like to challenge themselves to improve upon the score. It also does not have an option to sign into Google Play Games, contrary to what is specified in the Google Play description of the game. In terms of performance, Retro Cube for Android is largely stable and responsive. The game is also available in a free to download lite version, with lesser features obviously.


Retro Cube app for Android is a fun retro style game that hits the right balance between challenge and playability. It won’t leave you frustrated at the end like some other puzzlers. If you persist, you’ll be able to clear the levels. Strangely, it lacks an option to sign into Google Play Games and compete with others. The app is stable and responsive for most parts. Overall, a challenging puzzler that provides retro entertainment for players. If you’d loved Geometry Dash and other platformers, you’ll like this one too.

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