HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng App for Android Review

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HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng app for Android help you learn the ropes of webpage design in HTML5, the latest HTML standard. It provides many practical examples followed by detailed explanations so that users could learn the language in a productive way. So, how good it is for a student who wishes to learn HTML coding? Well, the next couple of paragraphs details what we’d felt about it. You can get HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng Android app for $0.99 from Google Play Store.


HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng app for Android is designed to walk first timers to the nuances of coding in HTML and how to style the elements created using CSS. The numbers – HTML5 and CSS3 – indicates the version of each that is being taught. The lessons are more based on text and copious picture examples. However, there is no interactivity. Or at least it is not at the level of something like Treehouse. It looks more like a reference manual in some places. But the carefully elaborated Table of Contents will help the reader locate any particular item easily. But for beginners, it’ll be a good first step forward.

HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng App for Android

If HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng for Android disappoints at something, it is the design and presentation. As mentioned, Treehouse has set a benchmark when it comes to code education, and unfortunately, HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng is a little bit lacking on that front. The design of HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng looks a bit traditional that some users might not come to appreciate. Apart from convenience of mobility, the app does not bring anything innovative to the table. HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng is stable and responsive for most parts. While testing, it had never froze or crashed. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 1.6 and up.


HTML5&CSS3 Part I-Eng app for Android comes across as a handy reference material to those who are learning the ropes of HTML5 and CSS3. It is not as robust as Treehouse when it comes to code education. But for beginners, it is certainly a useful step forward. The app is stable and responsive. Verdict: While it might not help you emerge enlightened, it still got some solid contents that help you get started on the path of web programming. Check it out if you’re someone into web programming.

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