Box-E The Colorful Cube Game Android App Review

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Are you bored by the various frustrating puzzle games? Why not try Box-E The Colorful Cube for Android: a colorful and fun puzzler with a refreshing concept? It got an easy to comprehend concept, but a bit difficult to master game play. You can download Box-E The Colorful Cube for $1.21.


Box-E The Colorful Cube app for Android is a puzzler filled with color cubes. In order to beat each level – you got 25 of them – you got to direct a cube to the end of the stage, coloring as many blocks in between as possible. To move a piece, simply flick your finger on the corner of the direction you like to go. It won’t take long for you to figure out the way the game is played. But it’ll take a lot more for you to nail it. The game throws a lot of curved balls at the player and it is up to you to stand up to the challenge. For example, there are switches that color the board as well as disappearing glass boxes that push you to move quickly. In fact, it got lots of variations to keep you entertained throughout. The game play gets tougher as you move forward.

Box-E The Colorful Cube Game Android App

Box-E The Colorful Cube for Android got a beautiful design. The background music augurs well with the action unfolding on the screen. The controls are simple and intuitive. Overall, it is well designed with an equally good interface to match. It also features a real-time online multiplayer mode. So get online and see if you can beat your friends’ scores. The game is also stable and responsive for most parts.


Box-E The Colorful Cube for Android has got colorful graphics, easy to use controls, fun and challenging game play and lots of levels to keep you entertained for minutes on end. For the entertainment it brings to the table, its price tag of $1.21 is just reasonable. Probably, users would have loved to see more levels and innovations. But as a package, it does not disappoint the users. The app is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for a challenging yet fun puzzler with a fresh concept.

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