Zorbit’s Math Preschool App for Android Review

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Lots of children perceive math as a difficult subject to master, and this thought process often creates sort of mental block while learning the subject. Zorbit’s Math Preschool for Android takes a different approach by indulging kids in a fun game to teach them vital math skills. You can get it for $1.99.


With Zorbit’s Math Preschool app for Android, instead of feeling bullied by math, kids will have a great time interacting and playing with Zorbit and his friends. Please note that Zorbit’s Math Preschool is not about counting numbers. The goal is to help Zorbit prepare for his trip to planet earth. To do that, kids got to visit the six planets and complete various minigames and tasks. They’ll earn a star if the planet trip is successful and they can move to the next planet. The best part is that you don’t need to provide parental guidance to the kids to play the game. Everything is simple and easy to understand that the kids will read/understand it themselves. Further, kids could earn stickers while playing the game. The stickers can be used in an interactive sticker book that allows kids to create their own Zorbit-themed scenes.

Zorbits Math Preschool App for Android

Zorbit’s Math Preschool for Android has a proven math method behind the game of madness. The game is designed around core educational standards that are taught to all preschoolers and this includes basic concepts such as counting, spatial reasoning, colors, patterns, and shapes. The only thing is that everything happens on your Android phone screen. The game is quite robust and responsive. Last but not the least, Zorbit’s Math Preschool app for Android does not have annoying ads nor does it prompt users to buy something via in-app purchases. In fact, you don’t even need an internet access to play the game.


Zorbit’s Math Preschool app for Android attempts to make learning math easier for the kids. Actually, it let them pick up the basics of math without even realizing that they’re dealing with math basics. The game is designed in such a way that kids can easily pick up the game rules without any parental supervision. Zorbit’s Math Preschool can be played offline meaning that it won’t tax your data bill either. Lack of those annoying ad banners or links also helps. To sum it up, Zorbit’s Math Preschool app is one of the most advanced educational games you could find in Google Play Store. It is perfect for kids just starting school.

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