Willy Wattwurm App for Android Review

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If you have kids at home, you’ll be interested in knowing more about Willy Wattwurm game app for Android. Backed by entertaining graphics, interactive game play and simple controls, the game has all stuff to please any kid of appropriate age. You can get Willy Wattwurm app for $1.09 from Google Play Store.


Willy Wattwurm app for Android is perfect for kids with no reading skills yet. The endlessly simplistic game play and pictorial introduction of controls are all tailor made for your kids. Simply hand over your phone to your kid and he/she will figure out how to play the game in seconds. In the game, your kid will be guiding Willy Wattwurm across the beach to his sand castle while avoiding nasty crabs along the way. If they touch the crabs, they’ll lose a life. On the other hand, if they succeed to avoid the creatures, they’ll earn rewards such as levels and new characters. It’ll be a great incentive for your kids to get going as the game might be a bit difficult for them in the beginning. But as soon as they get used to the game play, it’ll be lot easier.

Willy Wattwurm Game App for Android

Kids always love good graphics. Willy Wattwurm for Android is well served in that department. The hand drawn appeal is awesome to say the least. There is no complexity at all on what is shown on screen. Given the fact that the game is meant for small kids, everything is kept to minimal as possible. The action unfolding on the screen is backed by kid-friendly music and lots of different SFX. The app does not feature any annoying ads.

Final Thoughts

Kids will love to play Willy Wattwurm app for Android once they get a hang of it. The game play and layout are all totally kid friendly. Your kid could figure out the game rules without any parental assistance. The graphics is impressive. There is nothing flashy or complicated about it. The background score adds to the feel. It must be appreciated that the game does not have ads. Overall, Willy Wattwurm is a solid game in its genre. At over a dollar price tag, it seems quite a reasonable bargain. Check it out if you’re curious.

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