Hanna and Henri App for Android Review

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Interactive storybooks teach kids various skills, while making sure that they’re enjoying themselves. Hanna & Henri – The Party app for Android is an interactive storybook app that goes beyond the usual words and pictures to create a unique experience for your child. It provides interactive illustrations and in-story activities that children of all ages will love. You can get the app for $2.33 from Google Play Store.


In Hanna and Henri Android app, your child gets to meet best friends Henri and Hanna. It is Hanna´s birthday and Henri needs to go to the toy store to get her a present before it is time to go to the party. Kids can follow Henri as he makes his way from his bedroom to the toy store, eventually presenting his gift to Henna at her birthday. Now, since the game is interactive, your kids can choose what gift Henri picks up for Henna or what Henri should wear and the game remembers the choices throughout. This is not something we’d seen in an interactive storybook and kids will love it for sure. Parents will be relieved to know that Hanna and Henri storybook is free of ads, in-app purchases, links, and tracking/sharing functions. It means that the chance of your child navigating away from the story is minimal.

Hanna and Henri App for Android

Hanna and Henri app for Android also helps you kid learn vital skills such as counting, recognizing shapes and making important decisions. The game is more than pages of illustrated passages and it is easy to get lost in the story even as an adult. The narrator of the story, even though a bit accented, tells the story in a clear and understandable manner, complete with subtitles. You also have the option to have the narrative voice turned off, in which case, the text will be displayed and you can read it as a regular book.


Hanna and Henri app for Android takes interactive storytelling to a new level altogether. Apart from keeping your child entertained, the app also teaches them core skills such as counting and recognizing shapes. The narration is clear and easy to comprehend. Parents will love the fact that there aren’t any links, sharing options or ads to create unwanted distraction to children. Overall, an excellent storybook app with interactive illustrations and in-story activities for pre-school children.

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