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Bouncer Temporary App Permissions Android App helps you manage app permissions temporarily. It is one of the best ways to take you through permissions of any kind of app you are looking to use. The permission is temporarily and you can customize the preferences based on the features you do not need. You don’t want the app to use your location or take photos with the camera. You can set it exactly to what you want the app to do. The app is designed for just one time permission. It is a great way to manage different apps yet save on your privacy and security.

Get The Much Needed Permission At least Once

Bouncer Temporary App Permissions for Android is a simple, intuitive and powerful app that gives you permissions to use other apps just for once. The app will automatically remove the permission once you exit the app and you are not going to get it back again. The permissions are not granted where you want the app to be used in the foreground.

The Bouncer Android App saves a lot of battery life and also increases the privacy and security of the users. There is no complicated setup and you need not worry what the app is doing in the background. Bouncer works by using the accessibility service as it activates when you want permission and also gives you an option to remove it.


Bouncer Temporary App Permissions Android App is perfect for android users who are quite concerned about their privacy and do not want to end up using power invading apps that run heavy tasks in the background. The app does not require any kind of permission to use. You can always contact the help guide for any issues. You can also contact the team directly. The app does not take note of any other info from other apps. Bouncer also doesn’t need any internet permission and it will not transmit any sensitive information over the net. The app costs just $2.11 to download and use. There are no ads placed by the developer. There are no in-app purchases available in the app.

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