Brainess – Train your Brain iPhone App Review

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We do workouts to keep ourselves fit. What about giving some workout for your brain as well? Brainess – Train your Brain app for iPhone does exactly that. It is a brain training game that, in a simple and fun way, helps you stimulate your brain. You can download Brainess – Train your Brain app for $0.15 from iTunes App Store.


Keeping your brain engaged helps in quick thinking and improves one’s analytical ability. Brainess – Train your Brain app for iPhone focuses on giving your brain the training it needs to stay sharp. The app does that through carefully crafted brain training games. The current version of the app comes with seven such brain training games to improve and exercise your memory, vision and computing skills. The app analyzes your brain’s efficiency – called brain age – based on your performance in the training games. The lower the score, the better is your brain performance. The list of games includes Dice wherein you got to memorize and then tap dice from low to high. In ‘Equations’, you are supposed to choose the right number to solve the given equation. In ‘Memoji’, you’ll match pairs of identical cards whereas in ‘Fruits’, you’ll pay attention at dropping fruits and answer the questions. Other games are Colors, wherein you tap the Color’s Name of the Letters on the top, Numbers, and Signs that requires you to choose the correct math Sign to solve the equation.

Brainess Train your Brain iPhone Game App Review

The graphics part of Brainess – Train your Brain for iPhone is rather dull. The black theme looks monotonous. But then, in such games, the focus is more on the puzzles than the design itself. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive. Brainess app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. An Apple Watch compatible version is also available.

Final Thoughts

Brainess – Train your Brain for iPhone has a collection of brain training games that is fun as well as challenging. It is also a perfect app to kill time, between work or while commuting to/from office. The graphics does not inspire you any bit. But the game play keeps you going. The ‘brain age’ tell you about your overall performance. But we suggest that you enjoy the puzzles rather than worrying about your brain performance. At just $0.15, Brainess – Train your Brain does not burn your pockets either.

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