Logic Pro X App Review

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Logic Pro X app is an advanced version of Apple favourite app Logic. For all music lovers and passionate music addicts, the app is quite a handful. Some really sophisticated tools are present with this app, which helps in professional songwriting, mixing and editing. The modern interface is very useful in designing creative process and compositions so that the app manages to deliver more power whenever there is the need. Logic Pro X is a great app which offers a massive collection of effects, instruments and loops so that a complete toolkit for achieving amazing sounding music can be acquired. Let us find out what else this app is capable of.


To begin with the most important part, the app is compatible with devices running OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor. Besides, you can also export instruments and install third-party audio units to ensure the compatibility of your plugins. XML import and export supported completely. Export and share your songs directly to the SoundCloud. The sound library one gets to explore in this app, has over 1800 instruments and effect patches &50 sampled instruments and 4600 Apple loops in urbanic and electronic genres integrated.

Logic Pro X App Review

Bring your personal touch to your every composition and surprise everyone with your improvisation skills. Realistic acoustic spaces will be able to play your sounds using the efficient Space Designer Convolution reverb. A range of vintage tapes, multi taps and stereo delays improves the experience by several degrees. The drum production unit sue deserves mention in this regard. Give birth to some authentic acoustic electronic and hip hop music using a virtual session player called Drummer. You can have 28 different drummers to choose from and churn out millions of sensational grooves. Deeply sampled, professionally mixed snares will help you build your own professionally mixed drum sticks. A compact and comprehensive set of tools and editors can be found within the app which will help in the creation and editing of MIDI. Change and manipulate the timing and tempo using Flex Time and bring on automation to use effects seamlessly. Logic Pro X app costs $188 in Mac App Store.


There are several other sensational segments of Logic Pro X app that will get the music pro out of you in no time. If you have 64- bit Audio Units plug-ins within your app then the app will run like a dream in it. In other words, it is an amazing personal toolkit to help you make your own music without glitches.

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