MindFlow Android App Review

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Psychologists say visualizing helps you improve your productivity and efficiency at work. MindFlow for Android is a productivity app that taps into this very concept. It provides a cool way to visualize your upcoming tasks and appointments using your own mind map. MindFlow app can be bought for $2.99.


MindFlow app for Android is an enhanced calendar, to-do list, and mind map designed to help you stay on track and increase your productivity in your daily life. It features several options to help you schedule events, set reminders, complete tasks, add contacts, add locations, and attach files to an event. Its standout feature is the ability to add New Flows, which brings you to a blank calendar screen. You just got to double tap on the date to add a new event/task. After scheduling, you can connect subsequent events by dragging a link between each of the dots. This essentially creates a mind map that allows users to see how events are connected. If the connecting flow lines are annoying you, you can anytime get rid of them by tapping a scissor icon and swiping across the strands.

MindFlow Android App Review

You can customize the icon for each event to make it look more meaningful. MindFlow app for Android also features a reliable search function that let you quickly find the events you’re looking for. Users can share their calendar with the schedules via email or another communication utility as a png file. It would have been great had the app provided further options for exporting the calendar. The simplicity of MindFlow’s design gives it a spreadsheet feel. It is also unique in that the app presents you with a blank slate to create your mind map. The layout is both simple and complex, depending on how you see it. The app got a slight learning curve that you got to overcome eventually. Even though the app comes with a tutorial, it helps if it is made more detailed oriented. At present, it is a bit bland.


MindFlow for Android comes up with a simple yet effective productivity improvement model wherein your calendar events are connected together in the form of a mind map for quick comprehension. It is easy to set p events/schedules. The icons certainly help in making MindFlow unique and visually attractive. We would have loved to see more options for exporting the calendar other than the currently provided one. It got a slight learning curve that users got to negotiate. The tutorial is a letdown though. Overall, a useful productivity app that let you visually plan your projects, trips, and events.

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