Briker 2 App for Android Review

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Here is a fun game to play during your seeming endless daily commute to and from work (provided you are not driving to work). The game is all about helping a brick of ice escape by reaching the golden gate. Briker 2 App for Android with over 50 levels of amazing puzzles may be downloaded for a nominal $0.99.

How Briker 2 App is played?

In Briker 2 App for Android, you move the brick by flipping it; swipe across the screen with your finger or tap on the edges of the screen to move the brick. To change the ways you control the block go to the settings screen. The brick can be rolled horizontally or vertically as situation demands, and your ultimate aim is to navigate your way around a complex maze of blocks until you reach the end.

Briker 2 App for Android

Android Briker 2 app features 50 interesting levels with many types of plates. The plates have special effects on the block and they’ll be introduced as you progress through the levels. For example, wood plates could support only half your weight while fragile plates can support even your full weight, but they will collapse after you leave them. On the other hand, spring plates will try to push away. Also, you have teleport plates and bridges that allow you to access certain areas of the levels. In terms of obstacles, you might have windows standing in your way, blocking your path ahead. How you navigate your way through this maze of obstacles is where the challenge lies.

The graphics part is good; the background is beautifully detailed while sound effects add to the overall feel of the game. The free version of the Briker 2 game application has twenty levels, which would be a great first step if you’re not willing to pay any money upfront. However, if you upgrade from the free version, your progress will be lost forever. The app is compatible with Android OS versions 2.2 and upwards.


Briker 2 app for Android is a fun game that keeps you engrossed for minutes on end. The game play gets progressively difficult as you move up the levels. But that is where the real fun of Briker 2 lies. Regular free updates from the developer come handy. Overall, a perfect puzzle game app you can just flip out whenever you feel that you have lots of free time to kill.

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