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The internet and web is no longer a safe place. Even though you have options to set passwords for your sites/accounts, the risk of some unscrupulous person hacking into it without your knowing realistically exists. The best you could do is to have multiple layers of security, and keep your passwords close to your chest all the time. keyOne app for iPhone provides you one such option; it is a password generator that creates individual passwords for each of your log in sites. keyOne iPhone app costs $0.99 in iTunes App Store.

Features of keyOne App

Downloading and installing keyOne app for iPhone is a breeze over a 3G connection or WiFi. The big plus of keyOne is that you only need to remember a master password. The app will create all the other passwords based on the master password and account information you’ve entered. In case if the passwords for one or more of your accounts is compromised, still it won’t be a security threat as it would be impossible for the hacker to deduce your master password.

keyOne Utilities App

Once you add a site to keyOne app for iPhone, create a new password for the same that is 6-20 characters long. You have the option to set one of the characters to uppercase, lowercase, number or symbol. You can change the password that you’ve created to a new one you want any time. One downside is that there are only three categories – banks, social and device – to classify your sites. So you have no choice but to use one of those to list your miscellaneous websites.

iPhone keyOne app also provides an option to have your password file emailed to you, in case you need to reset your device or planning to ditch the current one for a brand new model. In terms of user friendliness, however, keyOne is a mixed bag. For example, the instructions for most part are vague at best that you’ll have lots of trouble learning about the feature/functionality provided by the app. keyOne application is compatible with iOS versions 4.0 and upwards.


keyOne app for iPhone follows a security model that manages to safeguard your site passwords efficiently. The best part is that it limits your role to just remembering the master password only. The app does the rest. However, thanks to poor documentation, it’ll take some time for you to decode the working of the app in general. The option to email your password file in the event of a device reset also comes handy. Verdict: Try it out.

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