Browser 2Go App for iPhone Review

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Browser 2Go app for iPhone is a universal full screen tabbed browser with loads of features for iOS. Apart from tabbed browsing, you can download web pages for offline viewing, or transfer files via FTP protocol. Browser 2Go can be downloaded for a nominal fee of $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

How Browser 2Go App works?

Firefox introduced tabbed browsing sometime back. Now Browser 2Go app for iPhone has brought it to the iOS platform. The advantage of tabbed browsing is that you can browse multiple pages without having to leave the current page. Also, with Browser 2Go application without leaving your current web page, you can search, translate or lookup your selected text in another tab. In order to transfer files via FTP, you must have a Mac. Browser 2Go can also open other downloaded files like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Keynote, and other commonly used documents. In fact, the browser is also fully capable of downloading videos, pictures, and music files for offline use. Further, you can add websites as quick links to the start page. This is very convenient option when you have several frequently visited websites; from the start page, swipe up or down to select you required quick link.

Browser 2Go App for iPhone

Another notable feature of Browser 2Go iPhone app is the full screen mode, which is a lot relevant on the big iPhone screen. The fast scroll button can reduce the swipe to browse a lengthy page. Another advantageous feature of Browser 2Go is that you can configure filters (like Google Ads, Facebook, DoubleClick, Twitter) to filter out embedded content in web pages, when running on cellular data network to save data usage and speed up loading.

Finally, if you want to examine the source of a web page, use the Javascript Console with jQuery that comes preloaded with the browser. This will come handy to all the developers out there.

Final Thoughts

Browser 2Go app for iPhone has enough firepower to give Safari a run for its money. The tabbed browsing feature is certainly handy, so are the options to add quick links, full screen mode, filter options, and compatibility with other programs. Those who want to look beyond Safari may give Browser 2Go a try. It is worth it.

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