iStunt 2 App for Android Review

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Those who love quick, over-the-top action type of games that you can enjoy even when you’ve got few minutes to kill will certainly side with iStunt 2 game app for Android. This sequel to iStunt from Miniclip has the right combinations of slick graphics, enjoyable game play, and lower price tag. You can get Android iStunt 2 game app with all levels unlocked for a nominal $2.99 from the Google Play Store.

How iStunt 2 App is played?

iStunt 2 app for Android is a high intensity snowboarding game wherein you hit the slopes and snowboard you way down to the finishing point, all the while keeping off from deadly buzz saws, and balancing through gravity shifts and speed boosts that could topple you any time. The game has 88 levels, playable in two modes: stunt mode and time trial mode. In the former, you are supposed to score points by performing tricks by tilting your Android phone, while in ‘time trial mode’ your goal should be to finish as soon as possible.

iStunt 2 App for Android

While the game play is impressive, it is not easy at any point though. Controlling the rider involves many facets for one; for example, when your rider is airborne, you need to tilt the phone so that the snowboard will be flushed with snow when he lands. You see how the courses are designed, and soon you’ll realize its difficulty. The rider will be going in all directions before you know it, and your role is to prevent him from crashing, which requires quick reaction times and close focus.

But iStunt 2 game application is not about controlling the snowboarder alone. You’ll find stars scattered all over the stages, and you got to have your rider collect them to secure high scores. Collecting the stars requires jumping, which is done by swiping the screen when the rider approaches the ramp. You might also require ducking often, and this is done by swiping down and holding. To grab more points, flip as many times as possible when airborne (of course without crashing) and attempt throwing in few grabs. Further, you got to navigate through spinning blades, accelerators and anti-gravity zones on the way.

The HD graphics is stunning so are the sound effects. Open Feint integration and leaderboards lets you share your achievements with friends over the internet. The game works with Android versions 2.1 & up.


iStunt 2 app for Android is an entertaining fast paced physics game with moderate difficulty levels, and great replay value. The fun lies in attempting to collect all stars, and compete for the highest number of points, even if it requires you replaying some of the levels. Overall, iStunt 2 is an excellent over-the-top action game that you don’t want to miss.

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