Brush Brush Cocomong iPhone App Review

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Brush Brush Cocomong app for iPhone is a kid’s education application. It has beautiful graphics, interesting characters and teaches them important life lessons. The app uses a fun story and animation to take kids through six steps of proper tooth brushing. You can get Brush Brush Cocomong app for $3.99 from iTunes App Store.


Here is the premise of Brush Brush for iPhone: Cocomong and his friends inhabit a fantasy world inside of a refrigerator. Each of the 11 characters is a fanciful fusion of a cute animal and a food. Cocomong is a monkey/sausage creation, Ahrome is a boiled egg/rabbit mix, and Ohmong is Cocomong’s fried shrimp/dog pet. They’re joined by Ahgul (cucumber and alligator), Kairo (a hygiene loving horse and carrot combo), and many others. It is a little bit weird and quirky. But they are sure to entertain and amuse your kids.

Brush Brush Cocomong iPhone App

Brush Brush Cocomong iPhone app features an animated step by step lesson from Cocomong that starts with using the correct amount of toothpaste, and finishes up with how to rinse. There’s also a storybook with a helpful narrator, a brushing game so your little one can feed Cocomong a variety of healthy and sweet snacks and then virtually brush his teeth, and a beautifully animated 12 minute video episode adventure. The app also features interactive flash cards that will aid in improving reading comprehension. Each card has a word and you only got to tap it to hear Cocomong read it loud. Brush Brush app for iPhone essentially teaches kids that tooth brushing shouldn’t be seen as a chore or a bother, and instead, it is necessary, fun, and an exciting way to defeat cavity germs. The app is stable and responsive. Brush Brush for iPhone requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Final Thoughts

Brush Brush Cocomong iPhone app helps your kids develop healthy brushing habits. It teaches kids that oral hygiene is an exciting, fun activity, and one that should never be skipped. Through the interactive character Cocomong, the game teaches your kids the little things they need to know about brushing properly, and that it takes some amount of brushing to keep the germs away. The graphics and the quirky characters are impressive to say the least. Overall, Brush Brush app provides a fun filled way to teach kids the importance of oral hygiene, and the proper way to brush their teeth.

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