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Iconical – Customize your iPhone is an application that actually lets you do some great personalization and customization in your smart phone. Change the way your home screen or menu screen looks like by re-modifying all of your icons and creating shortcuts of any kind. Iconical app costs $1.99 in the App Store and comes at a size of a mere 5 MB. Those who really wish to redesign the usual face of your icon display can surely give it a try.


Using Iconical app for iPhone is very much easy. Featuring a slick interface with self explanatory controls and options, you can achieve your purpose in no time. You can right away create icons for your phone applications once you launch the app. Select the app you require to customize by either browsing through the application memory or by typing in the app URL if you know it. Once you have selected the app, you can then fix your action for the icon you are going to choose. You can either just launch the application or save the icon for any functions provided by the app.

Iconical Customize your iPhone App

Start customizing your icons by four different methods provided. By tapping on the camera icon, you can take a photo using the inbuilt camera or choose a picture from your gallery. The pencil symbol lets you draw an icon separately or on the picture you have loaded for the application. There are also options to load the icon image by posting its web URL and to resize, crop or rotate them. After the completion of the icon image, you can then set a title for the icon by entering it in the text tab at the bottom. Once you are done with the icon image and title, tap on the ‘Create Home Screen Icon’ to confirm your settings and launch your icon the home screen. The advantages of using Iconical iPhone app are in plenty. The small size of the app ensures that the performance of the phone gets unaffected at all. The application actually creates a new icon on the home screen. It doesn’t replace the original one. Therefore, you can easily go back to your original icon whenever you want. Another plus is that even if you delete Iconical app, the icons you created remains within the memory.


With Iconical app for iPhone, you can now have the ultimate control over the way your icons and home screen looks like. Create thousands of shortcuts for over hundreds of applications thereby increasing the functionality of your smart phone. Start using the app to extend your creativity towards the icons in your phone.

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