Bubbly Walrus Android App Review

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Bubbly Walrus app for Android is a fun math game that makes learning math skills a lot interesting. If your kid finds math quite intimidating, perhaps Bubbly Walrus app could be a first step towards eliminating the fear for math. You can get Bubbly Walrus app for $1.99 from Google Play Store.


Bubbly Walrus app for Android combines an interesting storyline with pretty extensive levels. In the game, your aim is to help Walrus traverse through different worlds to save his lady. Of course, you will encounter treacherous creatures on the way, and you got to battle your way through the levels. But instead of using weapons and spells, the only tool you have is your brain. However, the game also got some terrific features that make it just as much of a fun game as it is a teaching tool. To start with, simply tap on the level you want to play. As you advance through the levels, the game elements change as well and this makes the game lot more interesting. If you’re playing a level that is different, a brief tutorial appears on screen that tells you how to complete the level.

Bubbly Walrus Android App

For most parts, your goal is to match the number of bubbles to the numbers at the bottom of your phone screen. Based on the levels, you’ll be searching for factors, products or both. The levels are timed, and hence quick thinking is expected. The quicker you complete a level, the better your scores will be. If there is one thing that we did not like, it is the heavy social media integration. For example, if you manage to win a level without any errors, you’ll receive a collectible card. However, it comes with a catch. You can take it only if you share it via Facebook. The app requires Android OS 4.3+.


Bubbly Walrus Android app brings fantastic value for the users, for the price tag it commands. The game has lots of quality content, power ups to aid you in difficult levels, a variety of worlds to explore, and above all, interesting game scenarios that gets your brain working. The game is perfect for kids and adults alike. Social media integration feels a bit of unwanted intrusion though. Check it out if you’re after a game that challenges your intuition and reasoning skills throughout the game play.

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