AlphaTots Alphabet iPhone App Review

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AlphaTots Alphabet app for iPhone is an educational application that helps toddlers learn alphabets in an easily understandable way. This is made possible by including 26 verbal actions for quick recognition. The pre-school puzzles are designed for easier adaptability towards understanding the alphabets. Developed by Spinlight Studio, all iOS device users having iOS 6.0 or later versions installed on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can download AlphaTots Alphabet app.


Mini games in AlphaTots Alphabet iPhone app make the kids enjoy the learning experience at a faster pace. It is among the best available education apps for kids under the age of 5. The most interesting feature includes the song of alphabets that can be enjoyed as a sing-a-long style. Enhanced interaction is established between the alphabets helping kids to easily recite the alphabets. The letters are also showcased in upper and lowercase versions in an exciting and interesting way.

AlphaTots Alphabet iPhone App

AlphaTots Alphabet for iPhone has already started to find major support and recognition among kids for the letters being pronounced in different types of sound. The latest version of the app arrives with minor revisions. It is optimized to work well with iPhone 5 device. It is a must have app that parents must download for their kids. A simple tap of an alphabet will generate the sound. AlphaTots Alphabet is also an app that successfully engages kids from the beginning till the end of the 27 letter games without any distractions. The fun element of this app is another factor behind the success of this app. It is an ideal app for kids who have difficulty in learning the alphabets.


Recognition and rewards stands as a landmark achievement for AlphaTots Alphabet application. Notable awards include Parents’ Choice Award and Common Sense Media ON for Learning Award. It also received KidSafe Certification. This fun to learn app is one of the most popular apps in the kid’s education category. The app costs $2.99 and is worth spending.

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