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Photo Editing has become very much common these days, thanks to the revolution of various Photo Editing softwares and applications. Among the numerous editing effects and filters, the most commonly used is the Black and White effect that converts your colourful pictures into its monochrome version. MonoPhix app for iPhone is one such app that allows you to transform your photos into high quality monochrome images with just a single touch. For those who seriously love vintage photography, MonoPhix certainly provides the right set of features and options to accomplish the task. Priced at $0.99, it comes at the App Store at a size of a mere 4 MB.


MonoPhix – Vintage meets Technology iPhone app has a simple yet attractive interface with all the feature and previews coming under a dark wood like background. The editing process is very much detailed and precise with a lot of options and features. To start the process, all you have to do is to load the photo or picture into the app, through the camera or from memory. You can simultaneously apply different effects and preview them within the application itself. There are 4 main buttons at the bottom of the screen – Adjust, Processing, Vignetting and Color. Each of them is further subdivided into additional options for different adjustments and filters like black and white, negative, sepia, posterize, quantize and a lot more. All the effects and filters can be applied with great intensity and accuracy by adjusting sliders back and forth. With easy controls and high end detailing, the user can convert the pictures into monochrome images with perfect precision.

MonoPhix Vintage meets Technology iPhone App

For beginners, there is an integrated tutorial within the MonoPhix iPhone app to familiarize with all the features and options. The interface, settings and controls are highly customizable with enough scope for alterations according to the needs. In addition to the adjustments made, you can even add your custom colour tone to the pictures you edit. The application even supports very high resolution pictures to be viewed, modified and saved.


MonoPhix – Vintage meets Technology is not the kind of app that offers quick edits to your pictures. But if you are one of those photography buffs who prefer high quality vintage conversions with precise adjustments and controls, then MonoPhix is really a must have in your iPhone. The wide range of filters, effects and features make it a unique and an ultimate photo-editing app for creating monochromatic images with exceptional quality.

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