Calculator Infinity App for iPhone Review

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Here is another app that might be useful in your academics. Calculator Infinity app for iPhone is a multi-function calculator that goes beyond the standard math functions provided by the ordinary calculators. In other words, it is suitable to perform basic math functions to more complex and advanced ones. Calculator Infinity iPhone app can be downloaded for a nominal fee of $0.99 from Apple iTunes App Store.

How Calculator Infinity App works?

Calculator Infinity for iPhone attempts to take the concept of calculator app to a new level altogether. For one, it possesses a flexible slide keyboard with mathematical expression support offering a great user experience. If you feel lost at some point, turn to the app’s tutorial (which you can download from the website) that explains all the functions used in the calculator app. In fact, from the portal, you can also download video clips, user manual etc, in addition to the tutorial.

Calculator Infinity App for iPhone

Other features of Calculator Infinity application include support for result drag/drop, expression undo/redo, copy and paste your result, basic operator, or number, support for advanced functions, assignment operator for number sequence calculation, point/intersections snapping, base calculation in Programming Mode, Numeric Integral calculation, equations solver for quadratic, cubic and general equations, support for statistical calculations, simultaneous linear equations solver, unit conversion and constant table, 14 memory variables, and support for fraction and degree/angle calculation.

The user interface is easy to use for most parts. As mentioned above, if you ever get stuck midway, use the calculator’s tutorial to find your way out. Calculator Infinity app is compatible with iOS versions 4.2 and upwards.

Final Thoughts

Calculator Infinity app for iPhone is a power packed calculator app that works for both the common man and the technical geeks alike. It supports everything from the basic calculations to more complex functions and equations that finds application in the engineering or scientific domain or like. The tutorial provides the much needed helping hand as far as guiding the user to the features he/she wants. The keyboard is easy to use, even though its many functions/features might intimidate a first timer a bit. Verdict: Calculator Infinity app is a handy calculator application to have in your iPhone, especially if you are in the engineering/scientific domain.

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  1. Lubabu says:

    Great app. I have it on my shool ipad and it works great, never had any problems

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