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The tricky part of work outs is that if you don’t practice the routines in the right manner, it could actually adversely affect your body and health. This is where the role of an exercise assistant assumes importance. Now with iMuscle App for iPhone at your disposal, you can have a portable exercise assistant in your smart phone that could guide you when it comes to choosing flexibility and strength exercises for your personal gym sessions. iMuscle iPhone app may be downloaded for $1.99 from iTunes App store.

How iMuscle App works?

iMuscle App for iPhone basically educates the user on various exercise routines, as to how it might help a certain part or muscle in your body. The app details the exercises through 3D models and animation so that one could view the exact manner in which a routine has to be ideally performed. The app opens up with a lifelike animation of a muscled human in anatomic position. The animation could be turned by swiping on the screen. Further, you can zoom in to specific body parts by touching on the iPhone screen, wherein you will see pins attached to each muscle, and you can choose a particular muscle by tapping on the respective pin.

iMuscle App for iPhone

Once you’ve chosen a muscle, the app will present you with a thumbnail list of exercises and stretches for that particular muscle, make it easier for you to make your pick. Tap on one of these thumbnails, and you’ll be presented with a 3D model animation as to how to perform the exercise/routine in question. The primary and secondary muscles being exercised will also be highlighted in the said animation. This is the best part of iMuscle application as you’ll exactly know how to perform a particular exercise in the precise manner.

Further, iMuscle iPhone App for lets you create detailed workout programs to which users can add/remove exercises using a drag and drop menu. Also, there are hints/tips provided for each exercise. The app is multi-user supported. The user interface is well laid out and easy to use. Larger buttons and hit areas mean that you won’t find it tough to tap the right areas.


iMuscle App for iPhone is a handy tool that helps you learn the exercises for each muscle on your body, and the precise manner in which it is to be executed for best results. However, it can’t replace your fitness assistant or physiotherapist as it is assumed that you are healthy enough to do the routines. If you carry an injury, it is advisable to consult a professional before performing any of the exercises given in the app. Verdict: A simple and easy to use exercise assistant app to have in your iPhone.

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